Detroit leads the NFC North

Yes!  We did it!  We beat the Packers on THANKSGIVING  and we SWEPT the Bears!  The LIONS are leading the NFC North and we are going to the playoffs!

Next stop, Philadelphia.  We can beat the Eagles, then two HOME games.  We can win in DETROIT (love that city) and we can finish up with a win against the Vikings!  Let’s get home field for the first playoff game!


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Thanksgiving…what a great day!

The LIONS were incredible on Thanksgiving and the world saw exactly how much love Detroit has for their team!  If the team can come back from 0-16 and be leading the NFC North…then the city of Detroit can make a comeback, too.  We will show the world what hard work and belief in our abilities can accomplish!

It was great to see Suh overcoming his negative image and actually setting Flynn down, as if he were made of glass.  Class act, Suh 🙂  Burleson is back!  Bush did a great job, after the initial drive and Stafford settled down and played the way we know he can!  Megatron and Fairley looked good, too…but I really like how the TEAM worked together.

I think we all know…We can win this division and we can go on to be successful in the playoffs!  We SWEPT Chicago and we beat Green Bay.  There is nothing we can’t do, if we believe in ourselves!  Go LIONS!!!